We constantly face situations to solve.  We look for pieces that fit or try to find the right steps to solve them as if they were a puzzle.However, the same problems and the same situations are repeated again and again, and sometimes we feel trapped like a labyrinth without an exit.  With intelligence or intuition we manage to unravel the ball in which we feel entangled.  Most often, the simplest path is the most accurate.Nil is a metaphor for each person facing themself, a journey through different ways of dealing with a problem and how to manage frustration and restlessness without losing hope.A puppeteer and a puppet trying to solve a riddle, a puzzle. A peculiar relationship where the line is diluted between who is who. A show of details where the gesture is sought as a language to convey emotions in a musical poetic journey. Nil:1) catalan personal name and african river.2)from latin “nihil”, void, nothing.Puzzle:1) Toy, problem or other game designed to amuse by presenting difficulties to be solved by clever thinking or pattient effort.2) A question, matter, or person that is difficult to understand, figure out or explain.

In the theater

45/50 minutes.All public (+7)

In the street

30/35 minutes.All publics.


Original Idea: Raimon Ruiz.Creation: Raimon Ruiz e Irene Fernández-Arévalo.Direction: Lapso Producciones.Music: Lapso Producciones.Lights: Diego Hernando.Puppets design and building: Raimon Ruiz.Puppets custume: Montse del Río.Escenography: Raimon Ruiz, Edgardo "Papito" González.Costumes: Laura León.Media: Latent Estudi, Laura Dafne.